500 ml Trendy Red Temperature Water Bottle

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A Premium Trendy Red Temperature Water Bottle is an ideal choice for corporate gifting.

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Corporates and Businesses have become sensitive towards personalized gifting as they have started thinking of their employees’ growth professionally and emotionally. Hence, the culture of gifting has been introduced and it has reached its peak through personalized gifting. We are providing different gifting solutions through various products of different price ranges. Now also, Trendy Red Temperature Water Bottle has arrived. It shows the exact temperature of the bottle. This bottle is one of its kind. It has ample space for branding. Ideal to carry to office, car, travel, etc. Amaze your customers with this gifting option which can be customizable through screen printing and laser engraving.

Product Features
  • Classy and sophisticated stainless steel Temperature Bottle
  • Easy to use operate bottle is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel material
  • Sleek design with the smart indicator at the top of a cap
  • Vacuum insulated bottle comes with a leaf herb strainer
  • Leakproof and unbreakable stylish temperature bottle exclusively designed for sophisticated modern people
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