Stainless Steel Modware Kanter Trio Casserole, Water Jug and Kettle Combo Set

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This set has a stylish design with silver and black colors, a 1200 litre stainless steel inner casserole, and a 1200 ml insulated water jug. The leak-proof containers maintain the correct temperature for up to 6 hours, whether it’s heated casseroles or cool drinks.

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The kanter trio set is made up of three essential parts at its heart. Your delicious meals are built around the 1200 ml stainless steel inner casserole, guaranteeing that your warm meals stay delectable and ready to relish. The casserole’s inside is made of stainless steel, which ensures heat retention and durability, making it a dependable serving dish.

The 1200ml insulated water jug, made to keep hot drinks steaming and cold drinks freezing, goes well with the casserole. Whether it’s a reviving cold drink or a cozy sip of warmth, the revolutionary insulation technology is your key to keeping the chosen temperature for an astounding 6-hour duration.

Product Features
  • Model Name: Kanter Trio Set
  • Material: Plastic
  • Casserole Capacity: 1200 ML
  • Water Jug Capacity: 1200 ML
  • Color: Silver Black
  • No. of Set: 3

Additional information

Inner Material

Stainless Steel





Storage Period

6 Hours Hot & Cold


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