Premium Happilo Woodpeck Diwali Gift Hamper for Corporate Gifting

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Elevate your corporate gifting with the “Premium Happilo Woodpeck Diwali Gift Hamper.” This meticulously crafted selection features premium dry fruit delicacies like Almonds Brittle, Salted ACP Mix, Fruit Medley, and a variety of flavorful snacks, all thoughtfully assembled to make a lasting impression

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For those seeking a premium gifting experience, the “Premium Happilo Woodpeck Diwali Gift Hamper for Corporate Gifting” is the perfect choice.

Weighing in at 617g, this gift hamper boasts a diverse selection of premium dry fruits and savory snacks that cater to various tastes and preferences.

Almonds Brittle, a delightful and crunchy treat, makes a prominent appearance with four 17g packs.The Salted ACP Mix (Almonds, Cashews, and Pistachios) at 80g adds a touch of salted perfection to the assortment.

For those who savor a unique twist, the hamper includes Perky Pudina Makhana at 14g, featuring the refreshing taste of mint. Peri Peri Coated Peanuts at 25g offer a spicy and tangy experience.

With keywords like “Premium Corporate Gifts,” “Diwali Premium Gifts,” “Premium Gifts,” and “Premium Gift Hampers,” this gift hamper is designed to leave a lasting impression on corporate recipients.Choose the “Premium Happilo Woodpeck Gift Hamper” for a gifting experience that stands out and makes a statement.

Product Features
  • Weight: 617g
  • Brand: Happilo
  • Product Included:
  • Almonds brittle: 17g x 4
  • Salted ACP Mix: 80g
  • Fruit Medley: 100g
  • Thai Chilli Chickpeas: 20g
  • Dry Fruit Barfi: 20g x 3
  • Dry Fruit Bars: 15g x 6
  • Perky Pudina Makhana: 14g
  • Peri Peri Coated Peanuts: 25g


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