Perfect Corporate Diwali Hamper Box for Employees by Ruchoks – K2


Our “Diwali Radiance Reverie” is a special gift package designed for appreciated staff members and respected customers, allowing you to experience the magic of Diwali. This enticing package, weighing 240 grams, includes four sets of Pet Jars packed with unexpected surprises. With a combination of shining gems, make this Diwali special.

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This finely made Diwali gift box is more than simply a token of happiness; it’s an expression of the Diwali celebration and the significant connections we have in common. Start by revealing the secrets inside the collection of 6 Pet Jars, each of which holds a special eating surprise. Every jar is a blast of flavor that captures the brightness of the season, from the tempting tanginess of Masala Cranberry to the wonderful zest of Chatpata Raisin. Enjoy the decadent flavor of Kulfi Almond Nutties and Milk Almond Nutties, with each bite paying homage to the tradition of holiday sweets.

This combination is completed with the delectable Tangy Tomato Cashew and fragrant Masala Kiwi, guaranteeing a flavor trip that reflects the diversity of Diwali itself. However, the celebrations extend beyond only food. Our diwali hamper box also includes 2 Pearl Candles, whose beautiful brilliance will fill your space with the coziness and charm of Diwali. Take advantage of the included Candle Holder & Wire, Zalar, and Thread, which were all carefully picked to bring a touch of elegance to your celebrations, to enhance the celebratory atmosphere even more.

Product Features
  • Net Weight : 240 Gm
  • Contains : Pet Jar – 4 pieces
  • Pearl Candles: 1 piece
  • Holder & Wire: 1 piece
  • Zalar: 1 piece
  • Thread: 1 piece
Additional information

Additional information

Items in Container:

1. Masala Cranberry
2. Chatpata Rais in
3. Kulfi Almond Nutties
4. Tangy Tomato Cashew"

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