Kambridge Plastic Water Jug and Casserole Combo Set

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Discover the kambridge plastic water jug and casserole combo set, which effectively integrates design and usability. This Kambridge Mini Combo Set, which includes an insulated water jug and an insulated casserole, delivers superior quality in a multicolored style. This set ensures longevity and beauty because it is made of ceramic, fiber, and stainless steel.

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The water jug is a key piece of the set with a 1200 ml capacity. This jug is prepared to serve, whether you’re calming your thirst on a hot summer day or offering visitors cool drinks. The casserole has a 1500-litre capacity and is equally amazing. Due to its insulating qualities, your delicacies will stay warm for longer, providing culinary joy.

Enjoy the versatility of this combination set’s features for convenience. Its adaptability is seen at both large family gatherings and little dinners. This modware Kambridge Mini Combo Set epitomizes taste, excellence, and usefulness. It represents your refined taste and respect for the finest things in life and is more than just a casserole set or water jug.

Product Features
  • Model Name: Kambridge Mini Combo Set
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Material: SS , Fibre And Ceramic
  • Set Content: Insulated Water Jug And Insulated Casserole
  • Quality: Premium
  • No. of Set: 2

Additional information



LID Included


Water Jug Capacity

1200 ml

Casserole Capacity

1500 ml


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