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With this Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, you can stay hydrated. It is your go-to ally with a 750ml capacity and spill-proof cups. The silicon strap is more convenient and keeps liquids hot or cold for four to six hours. Select your preferred color from white, blue, or black.

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Introducing our Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, the perfect hydration companion. This stainless steel bottle has a clean 750ml capacity for your beverages, making it the perfect travel companion. Each of the accompanying cups has a capacity of about 225ml, so you can always share a drink with a companion.

You won’t ever misplace your bottle with to the extra convenience of a silicon strap. To suit your style, pick from a variety of colors like white, blue, and black.
This bottle was expertly made in India and weighs 710g. Its dimensions are 8.5 x  33 x 22.5 cm.

Product Features
  • Metal: Stainless Steel
  • Bottle Capacity: 750ml (approx)
  • Each Cup Capacity: 225ml (approx)
  • Additional Feature: Silicon strap to hold
  • Colors: White, Blue, Black
  • Origin: Made in India

Additional information


Spill proof Cup with lid


710 g


8.5 × 33 × 22.5 cm

Other Information

Bottle Keeps liquid hot/cold for 4-6 hours


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