Herbal Gulaal & Thandai Mix Gift Hamper with Herb Garlic Crostini & More

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Celebrate the vibrant spirit of Holi festival with our Herbal Gulaal & Thandai Mix Gift Hamper. Experience the joy of natural holi colors with chemical-free Herbal Gulaal in yellow and pink shades. Indulge in the essence of thandai mix and herb garlic crostini for a delightful festive experience.

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Enjoy Holi with our amazing Herbal Gulaal & Thandai Mix Gift Hamper! It’s made to make your celebrations better, offering natural colors that are safe for everyone. Our Gulaal is free from chemicals and comes in cheerful yellow and pretty pink, feeling soft on your skin each time you use it. And to make your party tastier, we’ve added a yummy Thandai Mix that will make your taste buds happy with its spicy blend. You’ll also get Mukhwas Jaljeera Shots for a tangy kick and savory Herb Garlic Crostini, perfect for snacking during the fun. This special hamper comes in a fancy box with a customized sleeve, making it a great choice for corporate gifts. Enjoy the spirit of Holi while staying safe with our natural and delightful products.

Product Features
  • Safe for Skin
  • Easily Washable
  • Herbal Gulaal (Yellow and Pink)
  • Thandai Mix
  • Herb Garlic Crostini
  • Mukhwas Jaljeera Shots
  • Wet Tissue *2

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The Flavour Republic

Gulaal Color

Pink, Yellow

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