Herbal Gulaal & Thandai Mix Gift Hamper with Custom Printed T-Shirt & More

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Make your Holi celebrations more fun with our Herbal Gulaal & Thandai Mix Gift Hamper! It comes with safe yellow and pink Holi powder, Thandai mix, a personalized T-shirt, and more cool stuff. It’s perfect for a colorful and eco-friendly celebration.

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Make your Holi celebration special with our Herbal Gulaal & Thandai Mix Gift Hamper. Our chemical-free Holi color powder, available in bright yellow and pink, ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Crafted from natural ingredients, our organic gulal feels soft and gentle on the skin. In addition to the vibrant Holi colors, our hamper includes a tasty Thandai mix, perfect for refreshing yourself during the festivities. Enjoy our Jaljeera Shots Mukhwas for a burst of refreshing flavor, adding to the joyful atmosphere of your Holi party. Personalize your celebration with a custom-printed T-shirt, adding a unique touch to your festivities. And when it’s time for a snack, our Fruit & Oats Cookies provide a healthy and delicious option. All these treats come beautifully packaged in a custom-designed box with a sleeve, adding to the excitement of giving and celebrating.

Product Features
  • Safe for Skin
  • Easily Washable
  • Herbal Gulaal (Yellow and Pink)
  • Thandai Mix
  • Mukhwas Jaljeera Shots
  • T-Shirt With Customised Print
  • Fruit & Oats Cookies
  • Wet Tissue *2

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The Flavour Republic

Gulaal Color

Pink, Yellow

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