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Ignite the spirit of Diwali with our spectacular Diwali Gift Box. Weighing 424 grams, this box is a treasure trove of fireworks, including 10 Rockets, 4 Rassi Bombs, 4 Zameen Chakris, 8 Anars, 2 Laxmi Bombs, and 2 Ladis. It also includes a Holder & Wire set, a Zalar, and a Thread for a complete celebration.

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Embrace the brilliance of Diwali with our extraordinary Diwali Gift Box, weighing a total of 424 grams. This box is a testament to the festival’s traditional charm, a gift that promises to make your Diwali celebrations memorable. Inside, you’ll discover a thrilling assortment of fireworks, carefully selected to add sparks of joy to your festivities. The box contains 10 Rockets that light up the sky with dazzling displays.

Additionally, there are 4 Rassi Bombs, 4 Zameen Chakris, and 8 Anars, each offering its unique visual spectacle, capturing the essence of Diwali’s radiance. For those seeking a grander display, our Diwali Gift Box includes 2 Laxmi Bombs and 2 Ladis, which promise an explosion of color and excitement. Safety and convenience are paramount during Diwali celebrations, so we’ve included a Holder & Wire set to ensure hassle-free and secure ignition of the fireworks. Also included are a Zalar and a Thread, adding traditional flair to your festivities.

Product Features
  • Weight: 424 Grams
  • Rocket- 10 pieces
  • Rassi Bomb- 4 pieces
  • Zameen Chakri- 4 pieces
  • Anar- 8 pieces
  • Laxmi Bomb- 2 pieces
  • Ladi- 2 pieces
  • Holder & Wire- 1 piece
  • Zalar- 1 piece
  • Thread- 1 piece


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