Ruchoks PH12 – Diwali Premium Gift Box: Divine Diwali Tokens for Employees

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Enhance your Diwali festivities with our Divine Diwali Tokens Premium Box. Inside, you’ll discover delightful treats like nuts, chocolates, and traditional Diwali lamps. It’s the perfect gift to spread Diwali joy to your employees and clients.

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This special collection, weighing 1004 grams, is all set to make your Diwali celebration super memorable.

Inside this fancy box, there’s a bunch of fantastic stuff. You’ll find 6 Pet Jars filled with tasty treats, 4 different types of chocolates, 2 boxes of Almond Praline (a yummy nutty treat), 2 boxes of Dry Fruit Coins (more tasty nuts), 4 Florentine Sticks (crispy and sweet), and 2 Brass Diyas (traditional lamps).

This box isn’t just a bunch of things; it’s like a mini Diwali party all on its own. The Pet Jars are full of different flavors, from spicy to sweet. And the chocolates are a mix of flavors like Paan Masala, English Toffee, Coffee Orange, and Brownie Crumble – perfect for sweet cravings.

If you love fancy treats, the Almond Praline and Dry Fruit Coins will make you really happy. They’re delicious and full of nuts, which are great for snacking.

Our “Divine Diwali Premium Gift Box” is more than just a gift; it’s a way to say thank you and spread happiness during Diwali. It’s perfect for corporate Diwali gifting, and it’s full of tasty and special things to make your Diwali extra special too.

Product Features
  • Net Weight : 1004 Gram
  • Contains : Pet Jar – 6 pieces
  • Assorted Chocolates – 4 pieces
  • Almond Praline- 2 boxes
  • Dry Fruit Coin- 2 boxes
  • Florentine Stick- 4 pieces (2 boxes)
  • Brass Diya- 2 pieces

Additional information

Items in Container Pet Jar:

1. Masala Cranberry
2. Chatpata Rais ins
3. Kulfi Almond Nutties
4. Milk Almond Nutties
5. Tangy Tomato Cashew
6. Masala Kiwi

Items in Assorted Chocolated
1. Paan Masala
2. English Toffee
3. Coffee Orange
4. Brownie Crumble


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