Corporate Lunch Box and Insulated Water Bottle Combo Set

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This package includes a 1000 ml insulated water bottle and stainless steel lunch box with lids designed to fulfill your on-the-go needs. This set, which is made with delicacy and comes from India, adds a dash of elegance to your meals. It’s a multipurpose companion that redefines convenience and is excellent for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Stainless steel lunch box that is delicately created to meet the needs of your daily routine make up the basis of this set. Your meals will stay fresh, healthy, and suitable for consumption of the lid’s stainless steel construction. Each lunch box is large enough to hold your cuisine masterpieces, whether a filling dinner or a selection of snacks, with dimensions of 130X130X170. The stylish green tone gives your eating arrangement a burst of color, boosting your lunchtime experiences.

The 1000 ml insulated water bottle, a faithful companion for staying hydrated throughout the day, goes perfectly with these lunch boxes. Whether it’s a sip of a warm beverage or a glass of warm water, this bottle was expertly crafted to keep your drinks at the ideal temperature and keep them delicious. Even hours after they are poured, your beverages will continue to taste good because of the insulated construction.

Product Features
  • Lid Material : Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Modware
  • Type: Lunch Box
  • Bottle Capacity: 1000 ml
  • Origin: India

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