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The festive environment is beautifully captured in our Diwali Gift Box. It is made of traditional clay and comes with three magnificent Zalars, two small LED lights, a holder and wire set for safe illumination, and three bright threads. This creative Diwali hamper box captures the essence of the occasion.

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With our magnificent Diwali Gift Box, a remarkable synthesis of tradition and contemporary, you may experience the enchantment of Diwali. This exquisitely crafted box, made from natural clay, represents the festival’s deeply ingrained cultural significance.

You’ll find two small LED lights inside that give your celebrations a cozy and welcoming light. We’ve included a Holder & Wire set to assure safety and convenience, enabling you to easily install and activate the lights to create a mystical atmosphere.

Three thoroughly made Zalars give this Diwali gift box a dash of traditional beauty. These decorative items honor the rich Diwali legacy and may be used to embellish your surroundings, lending them a sense of tradition and refinement.

Product Features
  • Diya Material- Clay
  • LED Small Light- 2 pieces
  • Holder & Wire- 1 Piece
  • Zalar- 3 Pieces
  • Thread- 3 Pieces


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