OON Felt Classy Sling Bag for Women (Brown) – OSLB03 Wbr

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OON Felt Classy Sling Bag for women – a stylish and functional accessory to elevate your everyday look! Crafted from premium quality felt material, these sling bags are durable and lightweight, making them perfect for everyday use. The unique design features a sleek and modern aesthetic with a touch of elegance that will complement any outfit.

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It’s time to step up your fashion game with the new OON Felt Classy Sling Bags for women! These stylish and modern bags are the perfect accessory for any outfit, no matter the occasion. With their sleek and sophisticated design, you feel confident and stylish. They are the perfect combination of fashion and function, providing you with ample storage space and a comfortable fit. Get ready to make a statement with these premium smart design sling bags!

Product Features
  • Premium quality women’s cross body sling bag
  • Dimensions (Cm) – 32..5×3.5×20
  • Adjustable PU Flap
  • Carefully crafted using meticulous stitching
  • Enduring and everlasting masterpiece
  • Everyday utilization
  • Likewise used as handbag or side sling purse
  • Ideal for fashion-forward students, hard-working professionals, etc..
  • Simple to clean
  • keep away from hot temperature

Additional information


32..5×3.5×20 cm


Simple to clean


keep away from hot temperature


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