Airstorm Xech Rechargeable Portable Table Fan

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The Airstorm Xech Rechargeable Portable Table Fan is your ultimate cooling companion. This portable, lightweight fan, which can be folded up, guarantees freshness wherever you go. It has a simple USB charging port powered by a rechargeable thick lithium-ion battery for continuous comfort.

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A cutting-edge, thick lithium-ion battery is included with the Airstorm Xech fan. With this rechargeable power supply, you can save time and money by eliminating regular battery replacements. Maintaining your fan’s power is as easy as connecting to a suitable device with built-in USB output charging.

This portable table fan has many uses and was created to increase comfort. The Airstorm Xech fan provides without sacrificing performance whether you need rapid cooling during work, a pleasant breeze during leisure time, or a dependable travel companion. The Airstorm Xech Rechargeable Portable Table Fan, which incorporates the terms table fan, mini table fan, and rechargeable table fan, is the essence of comfort, convenience, and innovation.

Product Features
  • Design: Foldable and Portable
  • Material Used: Lightweight
  • Power Source: Battery Rechargeable
  • Charging: USB Output
  • Battery: Dense Lithium Ion
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