Retirement, the beginning of a new adventure!

Retirement is one big auspicious occasion in an employee’s life. Retirement day is when we commemorate the end of their long and fruitful journey. A gift at such a memorable occasion is a mark of acknowledgment and venerate of their dedication and diligence. Henceforth, we have brought together some of the best gifting ideas for the retiring employees of your company.

1. Vacation Package: After spending a significant part of life at work, people desire to travel to beautiful destinations. A vacation package to a peaceful location is a great gift. One can opt for a trip plan to the following stations:

● Kerala

● Mysore

● Port Blair

● Haridwar & Rishikesh

● Ooty

Moreover, a travel kit with vital and valuable items like a coffee mug, duffle bag, shaving, and grooming kit can be added. The complete package may cost from INR 8,000 to 16,000.


Many people prefer reading books and novels in their leisure time. A Kindle will provide them access to unlimited books and stories. What could be better than a substantial digital book collection for an avid reader? Perhaps, you can add a customized kindle cover with the company’s logo. The average cost for this gift ranges between INR 8,000 to 12,000.

3.Gift Basket: 

A decorated basket loaded with swags is a delightful present. Add stuff like Ferrero Rocher and Socklet chocolates, Pillsbury and Famous Amos cookies, exotic wine, and Pringles. Decorate it with the help of ribbons and bows. Also, please give it a personalized touch with a beautiful greeting card with felicitations and company swags like a coffee mug with the company’s logo printed over. The overall cost would be from INR 2,000 to 5,000.

4.Novelty Clock/SmartWatch:

Since it is the beginning of new adventures, a smartwatch is a great companion for the road. A branded wristwatch with customized features is a viable option. Such a present on this occasion would be a mark to appreciate the actual value of their time and hard work. This one can vary between INR 4,000 to 8,000.

5.Personal Diary:

 When people retire, they move on with lots of memories, experiences, lessons, and expectations from the future. To gather them up, present them with a personalized diary. A perfect tactical gift that will help them pen down all their past moments and plans. Maybe you can add a box of colored pens too. The combo can have a price variation from INR 800 to 1,500.

6.Flower Bouquet and Chocolates:

 Flowers and chocolates are quite pleasant gifts to wish good luck. A bouquet beautifully decorated paired with a box of their favorite chocolates and a complimentary greeting card is a special compliment. It will be like a reminder of their successful and fruitful career and a welcome to the new life. This can cost up to INR 3,500.

7.Farewell Party:

 Bidding farewell to your colleague is a difficult and emotional moment. So, why not make it memorable? Organize a small party with good food, refreshing drinks, sound music, and beautiful decorations. Invite everyone and spend a great time together. It will be a mark of a positive and appreciated goodbye. All this can get arranged in about INR 35,000 to 50,000.

8.Wine Cradle/ Wine Carrier:

 Wine is one classy gift that never goes out of style. A customized stylish wine cradle with a little retro touch is attractive. Possibly, a decent leather wine bottle cover with the person’s initials carved over could be a nice replacement. A classic wooden carrier for wine is moreover a good option to go for. Any of these would range between INR 2,000 to 10,000.


1.Membership of a club: 

Membership of a golf club, library, yoga club, dance studios, or any other group is a great thought. Moreover, such a present will make their post-retirement life a lot more entertaining. This thought could fit in up to INR 2000.

2.Photo frame with Candle Set:

 A decent wooden photo frame paired with a fragrant candle set is also a beautiful retirement present option. Perhaps a picture of the person and his/her team together give a personalized touch. This present would cost up to INR 2000.

3.Thank You Plant: 

No bubble no swirl, only peace. That is what retirement is all about. A small money plant in a pot that says “Thank You for all your Hard Work and Years”. You can also get it customized by making some personalized changes to the pot or you can also change the money plant with basil seeds. This will give a bright and peaceful touch to the post-retirement life. Any such plant will cost you up to INR 500.

4.Golf Set: 

Golf is something people like to indulge in after they retire. A golf set will help them pamper themselves and develop socially by being a part of golf clubs. A Silver Graphite golf set with a personalized touch is a good thought. This set can cost fromINR 30,000 to 80,000.

5.Backpack Cooler:

Backpack coolers are like a fridge inside a backpack. A nice companion for journeys to celebrate retirement. The travel-friendliness, lightweight nature, and compact quality have made them quite essential gear for picnics, beach trips, hiking, and other group outings. Such an amazing kit will cost you between INR 2000 – 12000.

6.Achievement Trophy:

 A trophy made of flawless optic glass is such a memorable parting present. Get your employee’s name and some beautiful praising words printed over the glass to make it more personal and precious. This idea would fit in about INR 500 – 2000.

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We deliver smiles and happiness everyday – your gifting needs are always on our minds!

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We deliver smiles and happiness everyday – your gifting needs are always on our minds!

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Copyright© 2024 Joytree Global Pvt. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Design & Developed By EagleEye Digital

Copyright© 2024 Joytree Global Pvt. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Design & Developed By EagleEye Digital
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