Fuzo Puro Stainless Steel Double Wall Bottle

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Stay refreshed on the go with our Fuzo Puro Stainless Steel Double Wall Bottle. This double insulated bottle keeps your beverages at the perfect temperature, whether piping hot or refreshingly cold. Vacuum insulation technology ensures your drinks stay at the desired temperature for hours. Crafted from food-grade stainless steel, it’s a durable, eco-friendly choice for hydration needs.

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Meet the Fuzo Puro Stainless Steel Double Wall Bottle! It’s a fancy addition to our stainless steel stuff. This special bottle is made with care and is super good at keeping your drinks just right for a long time. It uses special vacuum-insulated tech, so your drinks stay hot or cold, no matter what it’s like outside. Whether you’re sipping on hot coffee on a cold day or enjoying a cold drink when it’s hot outside, this bottle has got you covered. It’s perfect for any adventure, like going hiking or just going to work. Plus, it won’t get all sweaty on the outside, so your hands and stuff stay dry.

Product Features
  • Vacuum Insulated
  • Hot & Cold Approx. 6-8 Hours
  • Double Wall Stainless Steel Bottle

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Blue & White

Net Quantity



500 ML


Stainless Steel


26.5×7 (cms)


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