Fuzo – Constance Intelligent Temperature Mug


Keep your coffee or tea at the perfect temperature all day long with the Fuzo Constance Temperature Mug. This mug features a built-in temperature sensor that monitors the liquid’s temperature and adjusts the mug’s temperature accordingly. The mug also has a comfortable, non-slip grip and a leak-proof lid.

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Fuzo Constance Temperature mug is the perfect mug for keeping your beverages at a constant temperature. The mug has a constant temperature of 55 degrees Celsius and comes with a premium heating coaster. The constant temperature mug is ideal for beverages like water, tea, coffee, milk or soup. The mug has an intelligent auto on/off feature and comes with a ceramic mug and stainless steel spoon.

Product Features
  • Constant Temperature at 55 degree Celsius
  • Premium Heating Coaster
  • Ideal Temperature For Beverages like water, tea, coffee, milk or soup
  • Intelligent auto on/off
  • Ceramic Mug and Stainless Steel Spoon


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