Eco-Friendly Note Pad With Sticky Note


Are you looking for the perfect corporate gifting solution? Look no further than our eco-friendly note pad with sticky note! This innovative product is designed to help your business stay organized and leave a positive environmental impact. Not only is it an ideal gift for your employees or clients, but it also helps to reduce paper waste. Our note pad with sticky note is the perfect way to show your commitment to sustainability.

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Eco-Friendly Note Pad with Sticky Notes, a sustainable and versatile writing tool that helps you stay organized while being kind to the environment. This note pad is made from eco-friendly materials, making it a responsible choice for those who value sustainability in their everyday items.

Product Features
  • Eco-friendly Sticky Notes
  • Cardboard Pen
  • Eco Friendly Sticky Memo Pad
  • 5 Color Stick Notes
  • Stick Notes Dimensions- 8x1x15 cm
  • Note-taking Quick & Easy
  • Creative Outlet for Doodling

Additional information

Stick Notes Dimensions

8x1x15 cm


5 Color Stick Notes

Memo Pad

Eco Friendly Sticky Memo Pad


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