Colour Changing Magic Mug

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The Colour Changing Magic Mug is the perfect addition to your morning routine. This innovative mug uses heat-sensitive technology to change colour when hot liquid is poured inside. Watch as the black mug magically transforms into a vibrant and colourful design, making your morning coffee or tea a little more fun and exciting.

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Looking for a unique and fun way to enjoy your morning coffee or tea? Look no further than the Colour Changing Magic Mug! This innovative mug is perfect for adding a little excitement to your daily routine. When you pour hot liquid into the mug, the heat-sensitive technology causes the black exterior to change colour, revealing a vibrant and colourful design underneath.

Product Features
  • 325 ml ceramic mug
  • Black exterior when empty & cool
  • Photos appear when hot liquid is added
  • Reverts to black when at room temperature
  • Clean with a sponge.
  • Do not scrub over the images.
  • Used in both conventional and microwave ovens

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325 ml ceramic mug


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