Five employee gifts that they secretly want

Employees are the backbone of your company; without them, the organization will not function. It is vital to ensure their happiness and contentment and keep up their zeal to work. Since the onset of this culture, buying gifts for employees has been a go-to method to express gratitude for their hard work and dedication.

Gifts can be of many types, custom-made, practical, or for momentary enjoyment. And selecting these gifts for multiple employees can be daunting and confusing for many HR professionals. We understand your dilemma and are here with the perfect solution. Listed below are the five gifts your employees secretly want and will be a sure hit in your firm.

  1. Improving their desk space: Your employees spend most of their days sitting in their cubicles, and improving this space with attractive and appealing objects will enhance the quality of their day. There is a vast range of products you can buy for this purpose like:

●Personalized quirky stickers

●Attractive stationery

●Aesthetically appealing water bottles and other essentials

●Photo Frames

●Fidget Spinners or Stress balls

  1. Go Eco-friendly: You can never go wrong with some eco-friendly gifts to make your employee’s day. These products will help you enrich and liven up your office culture and spread awareness while also being mindful of the environment. Here is a list of things you can get:

Indoor Plants: Green can definitely liven up and beautify your office space

Plantable stationery: These stationery products like notepads, wooden calendars, Jute kits etc., are aesthetically appealing and can be planted once they are used and can grow into herbs and vegetables.

  1. Employee Wellness: You must also be mindful of your employee’s mental and physical well-being. You can do this subtly by adding a few items like:

Reminder notes: You can add little reminder notes in various places in the office to remind your employees to take care of their well-being. For example, remind them to stay hydrated or to take a break to exercise their neck and rest their bodies.

Motivational Quotes: You can set a few motivational quotes around the office to boost morale and maintain productivity.

  1. Enrich their learning experience: Learning is a process that must never stop. You can enrich your employees’ lives and minds by gifting them thoughtful books. There are multiple books about self-help as well as weaving through the corporate culture that could help your employees thrive. Here are some books that you can gift your employees:

●The Art of War by Sun Tzu

●Seven Habits of Highly effective people

●How to make friends and influence people.

●One minute manager

●Monkey Manager

●Up the Organization: How to Stop the Corporation from Stifling People and Strangling Profits by Robert Townsend

  1. Customised products: These multipurpose gifts can aid many causes. They can help with branding using products that consist of your company logo and can also increase team spirit amongst your employees. They can be styled in various forms like:

●Customised Hoodies or caps with the company logo

●Customised mugs, water bottles and other essentials

●Stationery products with the company name

These are some gifts that your employees secretly want and can really enhance their work life. We hope our list will help you in your search and reach a satisfying conclusion.

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