4 Essentials That An Ideal Welcome Kit Has

Joining a new job is a very big moment for everyone. Companies can make this moment more special for the new hires with a customized kit of goodies for welcoming and comforting them. A welcome kit is a perfect way to greet the new hires and welcome them to your company.

An ideal welcome kit consists of some carefully chosen items that instill warmth and joy in your employees. It is an individually packaged gift that you can give out to your new employees or even clients. A welcome kit is an amazing way to keep your brand subtly in the mind of the person.

The welcome kit must be designed thoughtfully with all the necessary items. Here are the four essentials that every welcome kit must have.

1.Company SWAG

Company SWAG or the “Stuff We All Get” items are promotional products or freebies that are a must-have in a welcome kit. Company swag kits help in making new employees feel at home at their new workplace.

Swag helps companies in effective branding as well as boosting employee morale. It creates a positive company culture and unifies internal teams.

There is a wide array of options available for company swag gifting ideas. From backpacks to T-shirts/hoodies, coffee mugs, water-bottle, and many more, you can turn almost any essential into a company SWAG. These customized items with the logo and name of your company are a great way to promote your brand.


2.Tech Necessities

Almost every job requires the use of technology these days. Hence, your welcome kit should be tech savvy for the new hires who are always on the go. Your company employees should get access to important applications and gadgets, be it laptops and related accessories or steady WiFi connection, good-quality headphones, speakers, chargers, and cable organizers. These items ensure that they do their job efficiently without any hassle.

Tech essentials become extra important for employees in a work-from-home setup. These items create a work environment that is tech-oriented and gives an office-like feel. A proper working environment helps a lot in improving employee working and productivity.

3.Workplace essentials

Office supplies are always great gifting ideas for employees. Especially, when choosing gifts for new joiners’ welcome kits, items that make a part of their day-to-day work are a must. Workplace essentials are useful for both corporate as well as home settings.

There are various options available in office essentials including customized pens, planners/notebooks, desk plants, candles, post-it notes /stickers, and more. All these items can be personalized with the names of employees branded with your company logo or name.


4.Treat Box

Yummy delicacies are the best form of gifts. So, why not include it in your company’s welcome kit to give a delicious treat to the new hires. A sweet and savory treat box full of goodies like chocolates, candies, cookies, or other snacks is a great choice that your employees will enjoy while working.

Along with various food items, you can also include easy recipes and tips for healthy cooking. The idea of gifting a treat box full of goodies is an efficient way to encourage employee morale and well-being because a box full of munchies is always good for everyone.

There are various other gift items that can make their way into your new joinee kit. You can add some gift cards, personalized notes, and welcome letters to give your new hires a sense of personal touch along with a professional connection.

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Five employee gifts that they secretly want

Employees are the backbone of your company; without them, the organization will not function. It is vital to ensure their happiness and contentment and keep up their zeal to work. Since the onset of this culture, buying gifts for employees has been a go-to method to express gratitude for their hard work and dedication.

Gifts can be of many types, custom-made, practical, or for momentary enjoyment. And selecting these gifts for multiple employees can be daunting and confusing for many HR professionals. We understand your dilemma and are here with the perfect solution. Listed below are the five gifts your employees secretly want and will be a sure hit in your firm.

  1. Improving their desk space: Your employees spend most of their days sitting in their cubicles, and improving this space with attractive and appealing objects will enhance the quality of their day. There is a vast range of products you can buy for this purpose like:

●Personalized quirky stickers

●Attractive stationery

●Aesthetically appealing water bottles and other essentials

●Photo Frames

●Fidget Spinners or Stress balls

  1. Go Eco-friendly: You can never go wrong with some eco-friendly gifts to make your employee’s day. These products will help you enrich and liven up your office culture and spread awareness while also being mindful of the environment. Here is a list of things you can get:

Indoor Plants: Green can definitely liven up and beautify your office space

Plantable stationery: These stationery products like notepads, wooden calendars, Jute kits etc., are aesthetically appealing and can be planted once they are used and can grow into herbs and vegetables.

  1. Employee Wellness: You must also be mindful of your employee’s mental and physical well-being. You can do this subtly by adding a few items like:

Reminder notes: You can add little reminder notes in various places in the office to remind your employees to take care of their well-being. For example, remind them to stay hydrated or to take a break to exercise their neck and rest their bodies.

Motivational Quotes: You can set a few motivational quotes around the office to boost morale and maintain productivity.

  1. Enrich their learning experience: Learning is a process that must never stop. You can enrich your employees’ lives and minds by gifting them thoughtful books. There are multiple books about self-help as well as weaving through the corporate culture that could help your employees thrive. Here are some books that you can gift your employees:

●The Art of War by Sun Tzu

●Seven Habits of Highly effective people

●How to make friends and influence people.

●One minute manager

●Monkey Manager

●Up the Organization: How to Stop the Corporation from Stifling People and Strangling Profits by Robert Townsend

  1. Customised products: These multipurpose gifts can aid many causes. They can help with branding using products that consist of your company logo and can also increase team spirit amongst your employees. They can be styled in various forms like:

●Customised Hoodies or caps with the company logo

●Customised mugs, water bottles and other essentials

●Stationery products with the company name

These are some gifts that your employees secretly want and can really enhance their work life. We hope our list will help you in your search and reach a satisfying conclusion.

Gifts: A token of respect and gratitude

The word relationship can be explained in several ways, right from personal to professional. The only similarity is that it is driven by the emotional aspects of life, mainly love, affection, and respect. What keeps the relationships going? Imagine it to be a motorcycle, the first wheel represents the emotional aspects, and the rear ones represent the materialistic aspects of which giving gifts are the significant part. While it is unethical to describe the strengthening of relationships on the grounds of worldly objects and gifts, but one can’t deny that emotional aspects and materialistic aspects go hand in hand. In brief, gifting is the fundamental aspect of a relationship but not the soul of it.

Festive Gifting

The Indian culture has many festivals lined up to celebrate, from Diwali to Eid ending with Christmas and New Year. And with such diversity in our country, we have different ways to express love. With festivals at the doorstep, to express love, we gift our loved ones with different kinds of items, right from clothes to the objects that they can use in their daily lives. Festive gifting keeps the spark of emotions alive amongst each other. The value of a small gesture can ensure a long-lasting togetherness.

Personal Gifting

Personal gifting is a way of embracing and expressing the care for the ones we admire a lot. Personal gifting includes a wide variety of options, to keep in mind, always decide upon such gifts with keeping their needs. While giving gifts to someone, it is unnecessary to look out for your pocket; instead, you should go for gifts that send out the right message. Also, gifting stuff for their daily usage will keep them reminding about the love you both share. These gifts can be meant for your brother or sister, for your parents, contributions for her or him. Personal gifting is a token of love and gratitude, as it sends out the message that you are grateful to have them in your life.

Gifts for auspicious occasions

Well, we all have some great moments or memories that we want to celebrate to keep alive in our hearts. We want our loved ones to be a part of that auspicious celebrations. And when we are invited to those occasions, we know how much the other person admires us. So, it is a responsibility to, or rather we can say, an opportunity to make them realize that how happy we are to be a part of their precious moments. Auspicious occasions can be a person’s birthday, a couple’s anniversary, an organization’s anniversary, a family’s house making, etc. In all of these moments, when we offer someone a gift, we make them feel special. Because being old doesn’t debar you from celebrating your birthday or anniversaries, and when you do so, a small gesture of kindness, gratitude, and love will make you feel special.

You might not be present for the shifting of your friend’s new home, but when you are invited over for a visit to their new house, you should never forget to make them feel welcome with the gesture of gifting. Gifts could be an opportunity to elevate the happiness in their new home and give them the feeling of well-being.

Eco-friendly gifts

As we all know, the repeated use of resources from the earth has caused it to degrade the quality of resources and extinction of the major ones. And thus, being a responsible citizen is what needs to be the need of the hour. This is a thought that everyone needs to have in their mind even when they are gifting someone. Ecofriendly gifts include indoor plants, planting gifts, and biodegradable gifts. This can ensure a good relationship in the long run as this is a thoughtful but sweet gesture that provokes the thought about love and care in a unique way.

Gifts for the corporates


What do we derive by the above words “gifts for the corporate”? If someone were to answer the question, they would have two different thoughts in mind. Gifts to businesses to maintain the happy relationship amongst themselves and skills for the employees and well-wishers to keep them motivated in their aspects of life.

Corporate gifting thus has various other terms that we are not familiar with. Ensuring good relations with other businesses and employees is as important as maintaining the relationship with your family members. As mentioned earlier, relationships are of two types, namely personal and professional.

So, the question arises, why corporate gifting? If we had to break down a simple organization into different parts, we would have the management, the boards, the employees, the shareholders, and various other members that work for the well-being of an organization day and night. So, it is the organization’s responsibility to praise their hard work, and that is where the term corporate gifting comes in.

Corporate gifting includes gifts for clients, gifts for employees, awards and rewards, promotional gifts, Brand Merchandise, Brand Promotions, free giveaways, gift sets and combos, employee Joining kit, healthcare kit, work from home Kit, gift by profession, gift for architects, gift for officers, gift for doctors, gift for dealer & distributors.

If you want to know more about how ‘Retirement, the beginning of a new adventure!check it out also.

Retirement, the beginning of a new adventure!

Retirement is one big auspicious occasion in an employee’s life. Retirement day is when we commemorate the end of their long and fruitful journey. A gift at such a memorable occasion is a mark of acknowledgment and venerate of their dedication and diligence. Henceforth, we have brought together some of the best gifting ideas for the retiring employees of your company.

1. Vacation Package: After spending a significant part of life at work, people desire to travel to beautiful destinations. A vacation package to a peaceful location is a great gift. One can opt for a trip plan to the following stations:

● Kerala

● Mysore

● Port Blair

● Haridwar & Rishikesh

● Ooty

Moreover, a travel kit with vital and valuable items like a coffee mug, duffle bag, shaving, and grooming kit can be added. The complete package may cost from INR 8,000 to 16,000.


Many people prefer reading books and novels in their leisure time. A Kindle will provide them access to unlimited books and stories. What could be better than a substantial digital book collection for an avid reader? Perhaps, you can add a customized kindle cover with the company’s logo. The average cost for this gift ranges between INR 8,000 to 12,000.

3.Gift Basket: 

A decorated basket loaded with swags is a delightful present. Add stuff like Ferrero Rocher and Socklet chocolates, Pillsbury and Famous Amos cookies, exotic wine, and Pringles. Decorate it with the help of ribbons and bows. Also, please give it a personalized touch with a beautiful greeting card with felicitations and company swags like a coffee mug with the company’s logo printed over. The overall cost would be from INR 2,000 to 5,000.

4.Novelty Clock/SmartWatch:

Since it is the beginning of new adventures, a smartwatch is a great companion for the road. A branded wristwatch with customized features is a viable option. Such a present on this occasion would be a mark to appreciate the actual value of their time and hard work. This one can vary between INR 4,000 to 8,000.

5.Personal Diary:

 When people retire, they move on with lots of memories, experiences, lessons, and expectations from the future. To gather them up, present them with a personalized diary. A perfect tactical gift that will help them pen down all their past moments and plans. Maybe you can add a box of colored pens too. The combo can have a price variation from INR 800 to 1,500.

6.Flower Bouquet and Chocolates:

 Flowers and chocolates are quite pleasant gifts to wish good luck. A bouquet beautifully decorated paired with a box of their favorite chocolates and a complimentary greeting card is a special compliment. It will be like a reminder of their successful and fruitful career and a welcome to the new life. This can cost up to INR 3,500.

7.Farewell Party:

 Bidding farewell to your colleague is a difficult and emotional moment. So, why not make it memorable? Organize a small party with good food, refreshing drinks, sound music, and beautiful decorations. Invite everyone and spend a great time together. It will be a mark of a positive and appreciated goodbye. All this can get arranged in about INR 35,000 to 50,000.

8.Wine Cradle/ Wine Carrier:

 Wine is one classy gift that never goes out of style. A customized stylish wine cradle with a little retro touch is attractive. Possibly, a decent leather wine bottle cover with the person’s initials carved over could be a nice replacement. A classic wooden carrier for wine is moreover a good option to go for. Any of these would range between INR 2,000 to 10,000.


1.Membership of a club: 

Membership of a golf club, library, yoga club, dance studios, or any other group is a great thought. Moreover, such a present will make their post-retirement life a lot more entertaining. This thought could fit in up to INR 2000.

2.Photo frame with Candle Set:

 A decent wooden photo frame paired with a fragrant candle set is also a beautiful retirement present option. Perhaps a picture of the person and his/her team together give a personalized touch. This present would cost up to INR 2000.

3.Thank You Plant: 

No bubble no swirl, only peace. That is what retirement is all about. A small money plant in a pot that says “Thank You for all your Hard Work and Years”. You can also get it customized by making some personalized changes to the pot or you can also change the money plant with basil seeds. This will give a bright and peaceful touch to the post-retirement life. Any such plant will cost you up to INR 500.

4.Golf Set: 

Golf is something people like to indulge in after they retire. A golf set will help them pamper themselves and develop socially by being a part of golf clubs. A Silver Graphite golf set with a personalized touch is a good thought. This set can cost fromINR 30,000 to 80,000.

5.Backpack Cooler:

Backpack coolers are like a fridge inside a backpack. A nice companion for journeys to celebrate retirement. The travel-friendliness, lightweight nature, and compact quality have made them quite essential gear for picnics, beach trips, hiking, and other group outings. Such an amazing kit will cost you between INR 2000 – 12000.

6.Achievement Trophy:

 A trophy made of flawless optic glass is such a memorable parting present. Get your employee’s name and some beautiful praising words printed over the glass to make it more personal and precious. This idea would fit in about INR 500 – 2000.


What else is needed more than a special gift to bring a smile to your loved one’s face?

Gift Giving for the loved one and getting a gift from aspecial person would be the best juncture of our lives. Gifting is also a unique way to show to the loved ones that you have him or her in your thoughts. And know what if a gift is chosen wisely, it can make wonders. Because your Gift….

Can rewrite a person’s view towards life.

Can be a sign for strengthening emotions like happiness, and faith, satisfaction in a person’s life.

Can build tremendous enthusiasm in a mentally broken person’s life.

Should imply true care and love towards someone whom we value more.

But generally, we view gifts as only materialistic things and fail to see them as emotional sharing and relationship enhancers. But in my opinion, gettingan object doesn’t matter but bestowing an emotion with the gift is very important. Well, let me make it simple, gifting a colorful, stylish chemo beanie for your friend who issurviving cancer by withstandingchemotherapy can boost their self-image and keep their head-warming as well.

So now, are you wondering how to find some remarkable gifts sharing emotions?

Well, here are the 6 best gift ideas depicting an emotion to captivate someone’s heart.

●Fascinating gifts for work-from-home employees.

●A warm greeting gift for a newborn.

●Best Retirement Gift Idea

●A magical gift for stress relief.

●Gifting ideas for Overseas residents.


In today’s fast-moving world faces a lot of problems because of stress and anxiety at home and the workplace.

While adapting to the modernized culture, we somehow are lacking in taking care of our body, mind, and eventually our health.

Here we have a perfect gift, THE HAPPY POTS for solving stress and anxiety problems. The HAPPY POT incorporates some indoor plants that reduce stress and gives us a healthy breathable environment. Some of the Plants like Basil Plant, Jasmine, Aloe Vera, Snake, and lavender plants are medical proven to reduce stress and anxiety. You can customize the plant and the pots as per your taste and preferences. Snatch the favorite customized happy pots with a personalized note for your dear ones. The happy pots are the best cure for busy WFH dads & moms who are overstuffed with household chores.Thus, happy pots relieve stress and help you to breathe in a fresh and calm environment.


The arrival of a newborn is the most joyful occasion in human life. Every one of us may love to give something exclusive and special to the little one. but choosing the right gift for a newborn may be confusing and it also demands to be bestowed more attention. Here we have some cool gifting ideas to embrace the newborn arrival. The first one I would prefer is 2 in 1 baby wrappers. These wrappers’ cum hooded outfits can resemble a mother’s womb and assist in calming your baby. When the wrapping is done correctly, it will be an effective technique to promote infants’ sleeping. The next gift is about shaping newborn memories using a 3D casting mold set. These 3D casting kits are the new sensation that is followed globally.

This gift does not only bring in anostalgic feel but also holds up the memories for several decades.


The pandemic has changed everything. The New Normal stresses employees to work from home. According to a recent survey, working from home is not much liked by employees. This new normal has brought the boring job routine for young enthusiastic employees who seek out to explore and enjoy life to the fullest.Adapting to a new normal lifestyle may be quite a hectic job. The corporate company should initiate certain measures to make the Employees feel comfortable and work wholeheartedly. The best stress buster for these people is gift-giving. Here propose 2 gift ideas for WFH employees.


Stress reduction kits are care packages full of items that aids employees cope with tension. Sending stress-relieving kits can be a cure to enhancing the disturbed employee’s mental well-being.

The stress reliever kit incorporates:

●Self-help and motivational books

●Stress balls and fidget pens

●Provide technical support to underprivileged employees because of the financial crisis many people are led into depression

●Medically proven stress relief plants.


●Neck pillow

●Free Subscription for Netflix,Amazon,meditation apps, etc


Before this pandemic, companies or co-workers used to give surprises on our birthdays by cutting the cake and holding a birthday party. Though the pandemic has changed things it’s still possible to give the best surprise by organizing a virtual meet to embrace the occasion. Virtual events are meaningful gifts from a company to its WFH employees to build emotional bonding As well as enhancing goodwill.

The company can organize a short virtual meeting to celebrate their staff’s B-Day or even send cakes and gifts to the employer’s home to embrace the occasion.


Retirement is an awful part of an employee’s life.The company should give an unforgettable present for the employee to cherish the wonderful working experience.A farewell to your colleagues will not be complete until the best appreciation gift.

So, are you not able to strive for some unique Thank you gift for the retiree?

Well, here we have a custom Bobblehead sculpture with a lovely message about the person carved underneath the doll’s bottom surface. The bobblehead dolls can be made like the real person.

This gift can be given strong ever-shading memories.A personalized note may bring a joyous end to an active working journey.


The gift is one of the best ways to enhance the lovely bond amongst overseas or distant relationships and also gifts is a token of respect and gratitude.Sending beautiful gifts to your friend who is residing abroad can make them feel that they are still being constantly loved and cared for by someone who is away from them. Here is a BON VOYAGE KIT to make your overseas trip more comfortable and memorable.

the Bon voyage kit includes:

●A comfyneck pillow and massager

●Chargeable trolly or backpackers

●Sweaters and boots (can be added if needed)

●Refillable bottles

●Space packs

●Can customize your friends favorite books or journey

●Personalized note

What else is needed more is the gift that changes a distant relationship into a constant relationship, a gift that cures the uncured wounds, and the gift that can bring nostalgic moments?

The above gift is not just a materialistic thing but it eventually shares emotion. Every gift is embedded with powerful emotional ingredients to make its recipient feel nostalgic, special, cared for, appreciated, etc. These are not ordinary ones as it seems to be a changing factor in a person’s life.

Hope by this time you would have selected your favorite idea for your loved ones.So please don’t forget to comment on your favorite gift from the above ideas.

How To Be The World’s Best Boss?

Being a boss is no easy task, while running a tight ship to meet important deadlines, you are also responsible for keeping the crew happy and working. In times like these one may not find a way out to maintain popularity in the office and ensure top-quality work at the same time. However, lucky for you, this article is bound to give you the solution to all your work-related issues.

The Power Of Appreciation And Encouragement

The beauty of being in the top position in the hierarchy is that you can use your authority to encourage and make your employees feel worthy and happy about their work ethics. Appreciating where credit is due through some unique gifts for employees is bound to make you an office favourite and also corporate gifts incredible way to build meaningful professional relationships.Gifts act as mementos and a direct show of support and positive affirmation. Unique gift ideas for employees can be hard to come by especially if your office runs a tight schedule and budget on expenditure.

Listed below are some of the best office gifts for your employees

Comfortable and Trendy Apparels

Best company gifts for employees are ones which can be worn anywhere and everywhere. Well-fitted clothing items are bound to be liked by every individual. They can use it during office hours to keep themselves comfy, wear it to meetings or use it for their personal use. Neutrals and dark shades in apparel are a safe choice while choosing your gifts for employees. However, do check for return policies and product quality before making your purchase from a supplier.

Sophisticated Desk Lamps

If you are looking to purchase promotion gifts for employees pick something which can sit on their new desk or office. Sophisticated desk lamps are an ideal choice as they are convenient, portable, and easy to maintain. Your hardest working employees can enjoy this gift sitting on their desks. The gift will be a reminder of your employee’s hard work and how much the office appreciates him for it. A cherished and appreciated employee is bound to work harder willingly with dedication and a positive mindset.

Cool and Quirky Pendrives

Customized gifts for employees give a personal touch to gifts. However, you should opt for small and useful objects which can be customized to truly allow your employee to appreciate the gift. Getting gifts from your boss or office is a rare occasion which can touch people’s hearts or make it a highlight in their career. These cool and quirky Pendrive options are ideal. Not only is it useful for your employee to transfer data and files, but it will also be a memento of their time working under you as a boss in this particular office.

Bottles and Smartwatches for the Sporty

Sometimes encouraging a good work ethic and team spirit within your team and departments are extremely important to keep the company up and running. Hosting office picnics and gaming tournaments are a fun way to ensure a friendly work environment but every tournament requires prizes and gifts for participants!

Beautiful and sturdy water bottles are an ideal choice for your hardworking employees. Bottles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours for you to choose from and they can be used by your employee daily for several months or even years. Bottles are extremely affordable and they will not affect your office expenditure budget.

Smartwatches make a great gift for your employees, while it is true that smartwatches are on the more expensive spectra of gifts. It is no doubt that the cost does not matter when it comes to appreciating an invaluable employee. The best bosses are one’s who know when to give credit and shower their team member with encouragement, gifts, or pay raises.

There are a variety of smartwatches you can choose and pick from. All of them come with varied features and colours. The price largely depends on the features included in the smartwatch along with the brand.

Smartwatches are one of the trendiest products available in the market today. It has features like heartbeat sensors, pedometers, clock, alarm, Bluetooth, and SOS message alerts. All of these features are designed to ensure a person is healthy and safe. This gift is bound to bring a sentiment of affection and worthiness to your employee.

Laying the Foundation for Beginners and New Employees

The saying ‘The first impression is the last impression’ stands true for all situations. Setting the right tone and welcome for a new employee is more important than you may think. A warm welcome allows your new employee to gain the confidence they might need to outdo themselves in every step, overall boosting morale and imbibing a positive work environment for your workers. You can start with simple but elegant gift sets which consist of essential work equipment like pens, diaries, and keychains.


While positive words have a great effect on your employee, the effect soon fades away over time. However, gifts and mementos serve a purpose that nothing else can. It creates a memory and a positive reminder for your employee. Raises and promotions cannot be handed out to all employees as they will disrupt the function and the working system of a company. However, gifts can be given from time to time as fuel for encouraging good work. Being the best boss comes in small important steps which require to be taken almost every day.


One of the most important aspects of building long-lasting relationships in life is through showing appreciation. Valuing the beautiful bond is quite crucial at any stage of life, be it in corporate life or personal life. So what is the best way to express your token of appreciation? Of course, by offering a meaningful gift.

Whether you’re attempting to thank long-term clientele, educate anyone about your brand, or reward a diligent staff in the corporate world, the underlying motivation for offering a gift is the same. Corporate gifts are intended to foster harmonious relationships between clients and employees whilst still maintaining a professional commitment. What are the most effective corporate gifts? Take a look at them:

Gifts for clients to solidify the professional rapport:

As the famous proverb goes, “Action speaks louder than words,” giving gifts to clients helps in building a very strong relation and also a gesture of love an essence of life. Client gifts are a fabulous way to show your appreciation for their services while also encouraging them to continue providing them. Gifts have the potential to elevate your business, even if you haven’t dealt with them in a long time.

Now deciding what to give is a daunting task, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! The gift must be polished even while maintaining a personal touch. How does a revolving pen stand sound like to you? Or how about a classy desk calendar? But hold on, the best is yet to come. Customized Corporate Diaries or table tops with custom printed logos are a sure-fire way to capture your client’s heart!

Morale-uplifting gifts for employees:

Corporate gifts to employees are much more than artifacts. This is a means to convey sincere thanks and end up making employees feel appreciated. This also helps in employee retention.

According to a Snappy gifts’ company survey, nearly 45 percent of employees truly think their significance at a firm is mirrored in the gifts they receive. More than a third of people, on the other hand, have never gotten a present from their employer. Time to change this practice and bring a smile to the face of your employees. Gift them a clock with a pen holder to convey that their precious time at the firm is extremely valued. A smartwatch for your smart staff is a great choice too!

Now that we have discussed employees who have been working with the firm, let us look at how to wholeheartedly welcome a newcomer.

Make the employee feel AT home with the employee-joining kit:

Joining a new firm can be overbearing for employees. You can buy them certain corporate gifts to make them feel welcomed. An exclusive diary with stationary is a great thoughtful gift. You can also look out for the ‘employee joining kit combo’ which includes a stainless steel bottle, 3 automatic fold umbrellas with a diary, and a pen drive. These gifts build a sense of belonging for the new employees.

Thoughtful Work from home kits:

Covid-19 has locked us all into our homes. Long work hours and little human interaction take a toll on us. Work from home kits is a sensible way to thank your employees for their commitment to the organization. You could give them a stylish laptop bag or a charming lamp to brighten up their space. Also because home is now the place of work, a pleasant addition for decoration would unquestionably make your employees joyful.

Healthcare kit to tackle the pandemic:

The second Covid-19 surge is extremely hazardous, and we are all living in constant dread. Many families have endured the loss of a loved one, and staying sane can be challenging. Sending across a Covid care kit would mean the world to your employees. The kit comes with a pulse oximeter, an infrared beam, and ten K95 masks. Another wonderful option is to give a high-quality UV sanitizer as a gift. The sterilizer disinfects your phones and other objects by killing bacteria in every nook. UV sanitizers significantly reduce the risk of infection.

A Smart strategy to promote your brand:

Are you someone who is looking for some great products for brand merchandising? Brand merchandising contributes to the development of strong emotional bonds with customers and employees. It also aids in the expansion of a stronger brand identity, similar to how business cards are circulated but in a creative way. Distribute personalized male and female t-shirts with the brand logo to promote your business. You can also choose Nylon high-durability bags with your company’s logo.

Final thoughts:

In today’s world, corporate gifts play a significant role. Such gifts can have a significant impact on an individual’s life, whether they are implemented to boost emotional engagement or to express gratitude in the workplace. So when are you planning to surprise your employees?

Gifting : A Gesture Of Love, An Essence Of Life

A thoughtful Gift Is A Happy Gift

Gifting is the warm gesture of self-expression when words fall short to describe your emotions. Who doesn’t love receiving gifts! But have you ever dwelled upon the happiness of sending gifts? Research shows that the joy of giving is much more and lasts longer than receiving. It is always a pleasure to bring smiles to the people we love and value in our life. There are different ways to do that, one of them is through gifts. Be it a festival, birthday, anniversary, promotion, housewarming, or retirement, a gift is the souvenir of happy memories. But, simply gift wrapping a tangible object holds no value if it fails to please the receiver. Hence, gifting requires a lot of thought and effort to ensure that its purpose is fulfilled.

The Right Gift Strikes The Right Chord

A gift is the language of love and gratitude in the material form. Although a mere materialistic object loses its charm in the long run, the emotions attached to it live forever. It is the emotions and true intentions of the sender that gives life to a gift and determines its worth. Hence, gifts are meant to be thoughtful and meaningful. Your gift must not only be a formality, rather a token of love, gratitude, and appreciation. It must convey your emotions most genuinely.

How To Gift? Whom To Gift? When To Gift?

Since we have already covered the ‘how to gift’ aspect, let us now focus on ‘whom’ and ‘when’. As human beings, we have certain people who hold a special place in our lives. It is human tendency to crave attention and affection from our dear ones. So, why not sprinkle some joy on your loved ones during occasions and festivals in the form of gifts.

  • Birthday Gifts

The day you were born is of great significance to you and your loved ones. Everybody loves some extravagant treatment on their birthday. Therefore, birthday gifts are always delightful and exciting. They are an age-old custom that compliments your heartfelt wishes for your dear ones. Birthdays are incomplete without gifts and celebrations.

  • Anniversary Gifts

Anniversaries are not only about marriages but every significant event or happening that marks new beginnings. It is an important occasion to extend warm wishes to your loved ones. If it is for your spouse or a couple, a customized gift is an excellent idea. For instance, you may customize coffee mugs, pillows, or cards with a photograph of the special day. Customized gifts add in a personal touch which makes them dearer and worthy.

  • Gifts For Him/Her

Gifts are a great way to impress your partner in a relationship. When it comes to the most special person of your life, leave no stones unturned to find the perfect gift. People often complain about losing interest in their relationships. It mostly happens when one stops putting the required time and effort into the relationship. Maintenance is a must to retain the charm and love amongst two people. A small gesture like planning surprise gifts for each other is a sign of care, affection, and interest. Make your partner feel loved and appreciated through your actions in the form of thoughtful gifts.

  • Festive Gifting

Festivals are an occasion of happiness and merriment. They bring people together and strengthen bonds. The ritual of exchanging gifts during festivals is a sign of companionship and universal brotherhood. Most of the festivals have a religious aspect or belief attached to them. Be it Diwali, Durga Puja, Eid, Bihu, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. all of them are celebrated with immense joy and fervor. Sending love, prayers, and best wishes to one another through gifts makes an occasion more special and fun.

  • Gifts For Employees

Any organization or office is no less than a family who works together and stands by each other through happiness and hardships. As an employer, you have to bind your employees together like a family. Hence, any gesture of gratitude and encouragement creates the ground for a healthy employer-employee bond. Reward your employees with corporate gifting for their achievements and convey your wishes during festivities. A gift of appreciation for your employees is a sign of encouragement and demonstration of your love and regards. It generates a sense of belongingness and enhances their loyalty and productivity.

  • House Warming Gifts

A new house doesn’t feel homely without rituals and celebrations. The presence of family and friends at your new home sets the vibe of the entire house. Smiles, celebration, and laughter create a positive aura in your surroundings. House warming parties are also incomplete without gifts. And the good thing is, there is a wide range of housewarming gifts that you can choose from. Today, when the whole world is struggling with global warming, eco-friendly gifts are loved and appreciated by all. Gifts like indoor plants or any biodegradable products are always beautiful and thoughtful.

Gift For No Reason And All Seasons

Do you need any particular day or occasion for gifts? Of course not. Gifts are a symbol of love that only requires thoughts and goodwill. Besides, surprise gifts are always the best. So, keep spreading love and joy through gifts, strengthen your bonds and enrich your lives.

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How to Choose Right Gift for your Client and employees

The foundational secret of a perfect gift lies in basic economic definition of gifting:

gifting as a culture is a mode of exchange where valuables are not traded or sold, but rather given without an explicit agreement for immediate or future rewards.”

It is a simple yet very fascinating definition of gifting, isn’t it?

On numerous occasions, we face the dilemma of giving a perfect gift. At the time of Diwali, we think of buying a gift which brings up light onto someone’s face just like it’s nature, whereas Christmas gift should give in magical vibes. Well! The quest for a perfect gift goes on & on.

So, let’s dive into the secret of gifting a perfect gift.

                                       GIFTING ACTION

From the moment, we start planning about a gift to the actual transfer of the gift- can be termed as a gifting action.

Gifting as an action is a adventurous and recreational in it’s in nature because it makes you think deeply about your relationships.

For some people gifting as an action can be a good decision, for others, it can be a moderate decision but for a lot of people it turns out to be a bad decision, which not only affects them economically but also end up having a bad impact on their relationships.Giving a bad gift signifies that you have nothing in common with the person. So, you may end up wondering – What is the science behind a gifting action? How to choose a perfect gift?

 Intention of Gifting

The intention of gifting can be of many types:

  • It can be a medium, to boost the morale of your corporate team who made your event a big hit.

  • It can be an expression, of care & love, for your family.

  • It can revitalize, your relationship with a special person.

  • It can be a token of gratitude, for your promotion party.

We get to know the common intention of gifting, which is ‘spreading joy’ with the best suited, sustainable, and styled offering.

Secret #1

Bring certain clarity to the intention of gifting.


When we make the mistake of considering an actual gift as a PRODUCT.

We end up buying- any wall clock, key chain, perfume or maybe a teddy bear.

The essential element of a perfect gift is a UTILITY,

  • Gifts can have a physical utility, per se, it can be a machine which eases work of a certain person.

  • It can have an emotional utility, which can be motivational, compassionate or empathetic in nature.

  • It can have a health-based utility.

Conclusion: A gift can have countless utility.

Secret #2

Defining utility for your gift is very important.


Each & every gift is supposed to be sustainable in nature because sometimes a gift can look like a perfect gift but turns out to be a bad gift.

Consider this example, for an explanation:

James and Nawab are two friends, now James is planning to buy a perfect gift for Nawab. James knows that Nawab is very fond of pets. Now, for James the perfect looking gift is gifting a dog, Nawab is a very hardworking fellow, who is currently working at New York- based corporate. But James knows that Nawab cannot take care of a pet because of his hectic schedule. So, gifting a pet might be a bad idea because of the sustainability question it raises.

The intangible value of gifting.

Let’s do this, small experiment to understand the true meaning of intangible values. Take a deep breath. Now, exhale & relax.

Start by thinking about the roses, flawless petals, fragrance, it’s vibrant color and honey heavy due to slumber.

What emotion does it bring?

Love, beauty, and compassion in general, right?

Gifting a rose has compassion value attached to it, which is intangible in nature.



Sometimes, gifting moments are very special, such as your marriage, graduation ceremony, event farewell. The secret element attached to a perfect gift is making a perfect moment out of it, there is a reason why very fewer proposals get rejected in Paris.

The gifting moment is made up of various elements. Some of these considerable elements are:

Packaging of gift:

Packaging of a gift is clothing your gift requires.

Few words before giving a gift:

When we give a gift to someone, we do not expect anything in return from them. Giving a gift is considered to be the best moment, to say a few words of wisdom. Good gifting moments are made up of some genuine words before gifting.

Effect of gifting:

The effect of gifting has both short & long term effects.

When the sustainability of a gift and its emotional value is checked, we can get sure of the effects a great gift can have!

So, we have learned that gifting is just not about the product but it’s a mix of intention, the actual product and the effect of the product.

Balancing health and Corporate Life

Since productivity is always a pop up question, when we start talking about corporate, so is health to a very large extent because these two factors are interdependent.

According to a study conducted by Optum, a top provider of employee assistance programs to corporate, a high 46 percent of the workforce in organizations in India suffers from some or the other form of stress, while 43 percent have a skewed BMI and about 30 percent are prone to diabetes and hypertension.

Let’s see that statistics in a real-life situation, that means half of your team is carrying the baggage of stress.

This burden can be measured through direct medical costs, indirect costs associated with productivity loss, premature mortality, and the negative impact of diabetes on nations’ gross domestic product (GDP).

According to a report by ASSOCHAM, adoption of Corporate wellness programs can save India Inc. income up to $20 billion by 2018 through a reduction in absenteeism rate by 1.00 percent and at the same time improve chronic and lifestyle diseases of corporates and employees.

The current status of the wellness industry in India is depicting a growth of almost 25 percent every year. It is believed that the figure will touch an estimation of Rs 1 trillion by the end of 2020.

Non-communicable diseases such as obesity, hypertension, and diabetes not only are seriously harming workforce health and raising medical costs, but also have a huge impact on workforce productivity around the globe. In 2011, the World Economic Forum projected the global economic burden of non-communicable diseases to climb to more than $40 trillion by 2029.


Why are these figures just scaling up?

The answer lies in 1984 corporate America when the invention of desktop PC made jobs desk-based and eyes were yet to involve. More and more jobs were made desk-based to charter the new invention, and hence health issues started talking an upward toll.

Health incorporate is of some real importance.

Check some healthy gifts for your employees to cheer them up and wish them a long and healthy life

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