4 Essentials That An Ideal Welcome Kit Has

Joining a new job is a very big moment for everyone. Companies can make this moment more special for the new hires with a customized kit of goodies for welcoming and comforting them. A welcome kit is a perfect way to greet the new hires and welcome them to your company.

An ideal welcome kit consists of some carefully chosen items that instill warmth and joy in your employees. It is an individually packaged gift that you can give out to your new employees or even clients. A welcome kit is an amazing way to keep your brand subtly in the mind of the person.

The welcome kit must be designed thoughtfully with all the necessary items. Here are the four essentials that every welcome kit must have.

1.Company SWAG

Company SWAG or the “Stuff We All Get” items are promotional products or freebies that are a must-have in a welcome kit. Company swag kits help in making new employees feel at home at their new workplace.

Swag helps companies in effective branding as well as boosting employee morale. It creates a positive company culture and unifies internal teams.

There is a wide array of options available for company swag gifting ideas. From backpacks to T-shirts/hoodies, coffee mugs, water-bottle, and many more, you can turn almost any essential into a company SWAG. These customized items with the logo and name of your company are a great way to promote your brand.


2.Tech Necessities

Almost every job requires the use of technology these days. Hence, your welcome kit should be tech savvy for the new hires who are always on the go. Your company employees should get access to important applications and gadgets, be it laptops and related accessories or steady WiFi connection, good-quality headphones, speakers, chargers, and cable organizers. These items ensure that they do their job efficiently without any hassle.

Tech essentials become extra important for employees in a work-from-home setup. These items create a work environment that is tech-oriented and gives an office-like feel. A proper working environment helps a lot in improving employee working and productivity.

3.Workplace essentials

Office supplies are always great gifting ideas for employees. Especially, when choosing gifts for new joiners’ welcome kits, items that make a part of their day-to-day work are a must. Workplace essentials are useful for both corporate as well as home settings.

There are various options available in office essentials including customized pens, planners/notebooks, desk plants, candles, post-it notes /stickers, and more. All these items can be personalized with the names of employees branded with your company logo or name.


4.Treat Box

Yummy delicacies are the best form of gifts. So, why not include it in your company’s welcome kit to give a delicious treat to the new hires. A sweet and savory treat box full of goodies like chocolates, candies, cookies, or other snacks is a great choice that your employees will enjoy while working.

Along with various food items, you can also include easy recipes and tips for healthy cooking. The idea of gifting a treat box full of goodies is an efficient way to encourage employee morale and well-being because a box full of munchies is always good for everyone.

There are various other gift items that can make their way into your new joinee kit. You can add some gift cards, personalized notes, and welcome letters to give your new hires a sense of personal touch along with a professional connection.

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